Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Covid Open survey and the data we collect.

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The data

De-identified data will be made available to the scientific community, and will be distributed with any publications that arise from this study. If necessary to protect the privacy of participants, individual bits of data might be removed or only shared in aggregate. These data cannot be used to identify participants. Additionally, each participant will be given a copy of their own data as part of this study.

All data will be stored on a firewall and password-protected on secure project servers of Open Humans & OpenClinica. This study does not collect individual identifiers such as name or email addresses. Instead, Open Humans assigns each participant a study ID on enrollment.

Participant data will not be sold and data sharing will be performed within strict protocol-driven procedural guidelines.

The collection period is aimed to end in May 2022. After this we will stop gathering new data but will need some time to analyze everything collected.

Yes! Your data belongs to you. You can do so automatically from here, or manually through the Open Humans website.

Please login to view the automatic delete links.

Follow these steps to delete your data through the Open Humans website:

Other individual participants will not be able to access your data. However, the overall dataset will be made available to the science community.

The survey

Open Humans hosts our secure servers, and is the place where all the data goes.

In your daily reminder to complete the survey, simply click on “I do not want to be part of this research initiative anymore” and we will stop sending you reminders.

No, this study is not open to participants under the age of 18

Open Humans encrypts and stores the data, OpenClinica is the survey platform: data is collected there and sent to Open Humans.

The survey

The easiest way to help is by sharing the survey. If you want to get involved, send us an email at: